G. Daniel Gonzalez, M.D., F.A.C.S.
John A. Ehrenfried, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Andrew P. Kramer, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.
Beth M. Jackson-Misenar, M.D.



Frequently asked questions:

1. When can I drive?

Patients may drive when they are no longer taking pain medication and feel they have the reaction time to react in an emergency situation.

2. When can I shower?
Patients may shower in 48 hours after surgery as long as there are no drains in place, depending on the type of surgery they have had. Physician discretion.

3. How much can I lift after surgery?
For most abdominal surgeries, no more than 10 lbs for six weeks after surgery.

4. What about prescription renewal?
Prescriptions are renewed during normal business hours. Patients may be required to see a physician before a renewal can be called in. There are certain medications that cannot be called in so it is best
to call early in the day for refills.

5. When can the surgical dressing be removed?
Most surgical dressings may be removed in 24 hrs. A clean dressing may be applied if needed.

6. When will the pathology report be available after surgery?
Reports typically take 2-4 days to come through our office. Reports cannot be given out over the phone if the physician has not signed off on the report. The pathology report is typically discussed with the patient at the first post-op visit.

7. How soon after the first visit with the physician would surgery be scheduled?

Surgery is typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks after initial visit depending on the surgeon's schedule.

8. Why do I have to go to the hospital before my surgery date?
This visit is your preadmission visit. It allows the nurse to go over your medical history, allows the anesthesiologist to inform you about what to expect from anesthesia and allows for labs and other testing required for surgery.

9. What about additional testing after initial visit?
Additional testing may be required if further information is needed before surgery. You will receive this information at the first visit and usually be scheduled for any additional tests required. It is your responsibility to inform us if your insurance requires precertification prior to any surgery/testing.

10. When can I return to work after surgery?
Returning to work depends on the type of surgery performed and the type of work that patient does.

11.  Does your office call to remind patients of their appointment?
No our office does not call to confirm appointments.

12.  If a surgeon recommends a referral to another physician, who is responsible for the

Our office will make the appointment, but it is the patient's responsibility to contact their PCP for a written referral (if needed). Some insurance companies will not allow our office to make the appointment.


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